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The AFS Money Market desk is the European market leader in money market services and in yield & risk arbitrage. The desk has a large, global network of banks, which includes commercial banks, private banks, special purpose banks and investment banks. Next to that, the desk stands out because of it’s unique and vast network of non-banking clients. This network includes large corporations and multinationals, (re-)insurance companies, pension funds and asset managers, real estate companies, health care institutions and many (quasi-) government entities. We are extremely proud to serve more than ten ministries of finance in Europe. The AFS Money Market desk is renowned for its arbitrage services, offering
our clients daily opportunities for yield enhancement and/or risk profile optimization.

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Certificate of Deposit & Commercial paper

Through direct contact with issuers and dealers, CD/CP Desk provides full services in Certificates of Deposit and Commercial paper, both primary and secondary. AFS Interest can act as broker and as a direct counterparty.

Interbank Deposits

With an extensive client base that consists of more than 500 banks, AFS is one of the leading brokers in the European Interbank Deposit market. We have built a network of clients in every European country and in Central and Eastern Asia.

Deposits non-banking

AFS Interest is a leading broker in the European non-banking Deposit market. This division offers asset managers, pension funds, insurance companies , cooperation’s and (semi-) government bodies a unique combination of transparency, advice and execution while maintaining the highest level of discreteness. We are very proud to serve seven European Ministries of Finance.

Medium Term Notes

AFS interest offers a full service on Medium Term Notes. Issuers range from banks to cooperations and (semi-) government institutions. We act as a direct counterparty, using the ABN AMRO bank or ICBC Financial Services for settlements.

Treasury Bills

AFS interest offers a full service on European, Asian and American Treasury Bills, acting both as a broker and direct counterparty.

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