Fixed income

The Fixed Income desk acts as a ‘principal’, trading in Fixed Income products on behalf of institutional investors and other financial institutions all over the world. The professional services of the Fixed Income desk cover all parts of the Fixed Income markets: from Bonds issued by Governments, Financial Institutions and Corporates to Structured interest rate products and Private loans. Close cooperation with the other AFS desks guarantees the best possible information flow and a comprehensive offering of financial products and services.

"All professional and eligible enterprises can use AFS broking services to receive market insight, assess trading availability and execute transactions"

Our continued investment in technology enables us to adapt to and satisfy the different client needs: Orders are accepted through traditional channels (telephone, email, Bloomberg IB Chat) and by electronic connectivity via FIX or Bloomberg TSOX. AFS provides all necessary MIFID II reporting to the APA and ARM.

Since prompt clearing of transactions is crucial in building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, we place huge importance on efficient and automated settlements capability. Our in-house team ensures prompt settlement, payment and resolution. We also offer
pre-matching with Omgeo.


Corporate Bond

A corporate bond is a debt obligation issued by a business to raise money. Corporate bond buyers are lending money to the company, while the company has a legal obligation to pay interest as agreed to bondholders. When a corporate bond matures, or reaches the end of the term, the company repays the bondholder.

Covered Bond

Covered bonds are debt securities issued by a bank or mortgage institution and collateralised against a pool of assets that, in case of failure of the issuer, can cover claims at any point of time.

Government Bond

A government bond or sovereign bond is a debt obligation issued by a national government to support government spending.

Convertible Bond

A convertible bond is a fixed-income corporate debt security that yields interest payments, but can be converted into a predetermined number of common stock or equity shares

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