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A dedicated Asia desk was established in 2012 and is now the leading European intermediate between Asian Financial Institutions and worldwide markets. Brokering services and price discovery are provided in deposits, CD & CP, FX-Swaps, Derivatives, arbitrage advice and HQLA related bonds. The Middle East desk was established in 2018 as a gateway for the Middle Eastern and North African regions towards the rest of the world. It has succeeded in creating sustainable growth opportunities for the region by introducing and connecting clients to other markets and new products.
Both teams are dedicated to providing clients with a diverse set of services including, but not limited to investment advice, latest market developments and trading execution.

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"All professional and eligible enterprises can use AFS broking services to receive market insight, assess trading availability and execute transactions"



With a very diversified client base containing more than 500 banks AFS is one of the leading brokers in the European Interbank Deposit market. AFS Interest has built a network with clients in every European country, including Central and Eastern Asia.

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