AFS Interest Rates

AFS Interest Rates has a unique and global client base ranging from banks, financial institutions, mid- and large-size corporate institutions and various supranational & (quasi-)government entities. Because of our exceptional mix of clients, we can connect you to all kinds of new counterparties.

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Services and instruments

Public Debt

Most government and public enterprises require adequate funding against the best conditions. These loans are usually under government guarantee, which often results in a 0% RWA as well as ECB eligibility. Tenors range from a day to as long as 50 years.

Fixed Income

The fixed income desk trades in fixed income products on behalf of the institutional investors and other financial institutions. The services include sales and trading in government, quasi-government, and corporate bonds as well as the issuance of private placements.

Money Market Instruments

The AFS Money Market desk is the largest independent European money broker. The team consists of over 30 specialists (12+ nationalities) covering over 1500 banking and non-banking clients worldwide. The focus is on short term loans and deposits, short term paper, FX-Swaps, Interest Rates Derivatives and arbitrage.

Asian & Middle East desk

AFS has dedicated Asia and Middle East teams with native speakers. Services are provided in conventional as well as Islamic financial products, including(Islamic) deposits, short term debt securities, arbitrage, and Sukuk & HQLA related bonds.

Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange desk is part of the AFS Interest department and operates as an independent broker between market participants. The focus of the desk is on FX-Swaps.

Interest Rates Derivatives

The Interest Rate Derivatives desk is part of AFS Interest department and operates as an independent broker between market participants. The focus in on US and European Interest Rates.

Arbitrage Services

The Arbitrage desk is at the centre of the money market desks. It provides a dedicated arbitrage pricing service & risk enhancement across both OTC and exchange traded markets.

AFS Blue

AFS Blue connects public sector European Issuers and Investors in the primary and secondary markets for debt instruments which typically have an explicit or implicit government guarantee or are linked to (semi-)government entities.

AFS Group subsidiaries holds both the OTF (Organized Trading Facility) and the MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility) licenses required under MiFID II legislation. Both trading venues are regulated by the AFM, the Dutch financial services regulator.


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