About AFS

AFS Group

AFS Group B.V. is a leading financial and environmental solutions provider that delivers a broad range of financial and renewable services to a large and diversified client base that includes medium enterprises, corporations, financial institutions, investors, local and national government bodies, and individuals around the world.

AFS Group generates ideas, offers advisory services and tailored & electronic intermediary solutions. With over 170 years of experience, entrepreneurship, and collaboration, we developed a unique high-quality network with deep, embedded market knowledge. We provide our clients with investing, compliance and sustainability services and access to all relevant financial and environmental markets.

Our Mission

At AFS Group we believe in the transformative power of teamwork; a collaborative effort to create shared success for all. Our clients, our people, and the world at large. We partner with businesses & governments across the globe.

We guide them to realize sustainable success within their industries and sectors, by connecting them to our deep market knowledge, thorough understanding of financial and environmental products, our extensive network and using our own technology, such as online platforms, helping our clients better.

Our Values

We collaborate

We work as a team with our colleagues and clients. We share knowledge, insights, and experience. We discuss, ask questions, challenge each other, and embrace different points of view. We are passionate to succeed. Together, we maximize our successes.

We are knowledgeable

We are experts in our markets, sectors, and products. We have a thorough understanding of financial and environmental products, risks, and opportunities. We create insight by investing in deep understanding of the market. We are well-informed and understand our clients’ challenges in a changing world.

We are ethical

We act with integrity. We take pride in our work. We build a sustainable future. We foster relationships, building on trust and commitment to our clients, employees, and partners. We are transparent and respect norms of social propriety.

We are accurate

We are precise, nothing escapes our attention. Our timing is impeccable. We have a keen eye for detail.

We are entrepreneurial

We are enterprising and growth oriented. We learn quick and respond to changes fast. We are always on the ball. We take ownership, responsibility and are passionate to succeed.

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Email: info@afsgroup.nl